Co-Owner of Divorce Magazine

Martha Chan is the co-owner of Divorce Magazine and Both of these were launched in 1996. The mission of Divorce Magazine is to educate and support individuals and families to divorce peacefully.

Free Download of Divorce Magazine

divorceDivorce Magazine is published twice a year. They are available for free download. has more than 6,000 pages of articles and FAQs written by divorce lawyers, therapist, financial and children experts providing advise and information on legal, financial, children and emotional issues.

Monthly Divorce eNewsletter

This monthly Divorce eNewsletter is emailed to subscribers and can be leased to family lawyers and divorce professionals for them to add to their websites and to generate referral business by emailing them to their clients, colleagues and referral sources. Each newsletter contains five articles related to divorce covering a range of legal, financial, children and emotional issues divorcing people are dealing with.

To advertise in Divorce Magazine and, please contact the Publisher, Dan Couvrette at, 866.803.6667 x 124.