Mar 29: 7 Steps to Managing and Enhancing Your Onine Reputation

Divorce Marketing Group’s next marketing teleseminar will be on the 7 Steps to Managing and Enhancing Your Reputation.

This 1/2 hour teleseminar is free and you do not have to register for it. Just call in on March 29, at 2 pm EST. You can find out how here.

This seminar will show you how to:

  • perform an online reputation audit on yourself
  • what to do if you cannot be found even when you Google your own name
  • what to do if you found “bad stuff” about you
  • how to enhance your reputation, even if you have a good one.

We will also answer these often asked questions:

  • there are ratings about me as a lawyer that I disagree with. How did they get that?
  • what can I do to influence these ratings on me?
  • can I get bad comments about me removed?

Be sure to google your name before you attend the seminar. This way, you will have a baseline for the conversation we are about to have.