What if Mercedes Benz were to have a family law divison?

What if Mercedes Benz were to have a family law division?

Here is an intriguing question: If Mercedes Benz were to offer family law, how do you think they would market it and what do you think divorcing couple would think of their service?

And the most intriguing thought from the article: Mercedes Benz Family Law Division would have a reputation — and a very good one — before they even have their first case. Why? The answer is branding, the effort they have put into marketing and creating a brand of quality product and services would pay forward here, even though they may not have opened the door to that division yet. And, many lawyers would go and work for them.

In this article published in Family Lawyer Magazine, Dan Couvrette, the CEO of Divorce Marketing Group explores how Mercedes Benz would be marketing their family law division if they were to have one and the menu of services they would be able to offer. What could be offered can be very appealing, including: finance your divorce, offer insurance to protect against child and spousal support payments, a network of multiple branches and open on weekends and late night for customers convenience.

If you are the rainmaker for your law firm, you need to read this article by Dan Couvrette and get the importance of marketing and branding. You don’t have to be Mercedes Benz to take them on, ¬†and if growth or staying in business is important to you, take them on.