Is your website mobile & smartphone friendly yet?

Is your website mobile & smartphone friendly yet?

By now most family law firms, divorce professionals have websites. The next step is to get a mobile friendly website, one that will show up nicely on a small screen — a smartphone.

Watch this video and you will see the difference between a mobile friendly website and a regular website as seen on a smartphone and all the features you can build in with a mobile friendly website:

Most regular websites do not display nicely on a smartphone and cannot possibly take advantage of what a smartphone offers a visitor to your website that a desktop or laptop computer does not. Such as:

1. one touch to call you

2. one touch to text you

3. one touch to email you

4. one touch to locate your office on google map

Research shows that visitors will leave your site and go to another site if yours is not smartphone friendly and visitors are more likely to take action while they have their phone in their hands.

If I were you, I wouldn’t be caught without optimizing your website for mobile users. This IS a key component of your online marketing.

See some mobile websites we have created for our clients here: