More family lawyers are dabbling in social media

More family lawyers are dabbling in social media

I was at the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers conference in Chicago in early November, and I noticed more and more lawyers are using ipads. There was also an optional session on technology and social media and it was very well attended. That’s all great news.

This is a steep contrast to what happened in the last conference a year ago. One of their committee members was trying to create a facebook page for the organization and wanted my help but the organization was not quite ready to seek outside help.

When our company, Divorce Marketing Group, first introduced social media to family lawyers as a marketing tool, most did not want to touch it. One said “he would not be caught dead on facebook”, some said “facebook is for teenagers”, and then some said”no client of mine will be on facebook” or “Linkedin? Who has time for that?” or “Lawyers should not blog.”

Through the years, I noticed the tide has changed. Partly because most social media sites have grown greatly and have members who are “older”, and they have included companies, not just individuals. As social media grows up, more family lawyers are warming up to them. I must say though that most attorneys still are not participating in the best way possible.

Family lawyers dabbling in social media

I have seen a lot of dabbling in social media by family lawyers who know they should do social media, but do not really know how or have allocated the necessary resources to be participating consistently or in a meaningful way. As a result, they don’t get much results and inevitably, they abandon their effort.

To those family lawyers who say social media does not work, I just want you to know that facebook is the number one website that refers traffic to our website

With social media, there are many features available, but like all things, you do have to devote the time to learn them, apply them and keep up with them. As a marketer, I don’t try to learn the law, apply them or keep up with them. Our slogan of “Focus on your practice. Trust the marketing with us.” seems to be catching on with more family lawyers.

A little bit of knowledge is a good thing… for our company

To tell the truth, a little bit of knowledge is actually not dangerous. We prefer to work with law firms that have a bit of knowledge about social media or marketing a law practice, enough to know that they need help, then to work with those who have no knowledge but “know” they don’t want to touch it or that can do it themselves.