Martha Chan/Dan Couvrette Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

Martha Chan/Dan Couvrette Celebrate 15th Wedding Anniversary

In marking our crystal wedding anniversary this week, Dan and I have taken the opportunity to reflect on six key factors that have helped our relationship develop and grow over the past 15 years – not as a successful business duo, but as a happy couple:

1. Share dreams and plan together. This helps foster healthy communication and, that most essential of all happy-marriage factors: planning for a future together.

2. Do the “simple little things” together, such as watch TV, go for walks, have meals with each other, friends and with family. It’s amazing how much the little things add up and become the most treasured memories of all.

3. Share hobbies, whether that’s running, art, gardening, or anything else. It’s an opportunity to express a different aspect of a relationship, and a helpful reminder that strong marriages are built on more than love; they’re also fortified by friendship.

4. Spend time apart, such as a weekend away with “the boys” or “the girls.” As married couple, we share an identity, but we also need to have our own independence and individuality.

5. Take time to celebrate the relationship. It doesn’t have to be in the form of an elaborate party or major event. A simple “thank you for all that you do” can be profound. It’s also helpful to invite friends and family members to join in the celebration.

6. Live it up with our “blended family”. Raise our kids with love, discipline and play.

We’re very happy to be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. While our marriage hasn’t been hard work, it has required a lot of attention on both the small things and the big things. But that’s just par for the course, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

We already enjoyed a private dinner to mark the special occasion, and will be getting together with friends and family on the weekend to share the joy.