Podcast: 7 Steps to Managing and Enhancing Family Lawyers’ Online Reputation

7 7 Steps to Managing and Enhancing Family Lawyers’ Online Reputation

No matter how great a family lawyer you are, your reputation online may not match your reputation among your peers and clients. Without you knowing, you could have lost potential clients to lesser family lawyers who have cultivated a great online reputation.

Let’s face it, even if you were recommended to someone who is about to get a divorce as a great family lawyer, they will want to do some research on you by Googling your name on the internet. They will be looking to see if there are any comments about you and your service as a lawyer, or any dissatisfied clients giving you a poor rating. If the Google results they see are not favorable, you may not even get a call from them. You won’t even know you have just lost a piece of business.

I have been asked many times by family lawyers as to what they can do to enhance their online reputation which may have been tarnished by poor ratings and bad comments, no matter how undeserving they are.  I decided to do a podcast on this subject with Dan Couvrette, my partner and CEO of Divorce Marketing Group.

You can listen to this half-hour podcast we have posted on our website which gives you 7 steps to enhance our online reputation. These steps will benefit you regardless of whether you have a good or bad online reputation, or even if you have no presence online. This podcast will help you understand:

  • how you can conduct an online reputation audit on yourself
  • if you could be found on page one of Google when you Google your own name
  • if you can change the poor ratings and comments about you online
  • how to enhance your online reputation
  • how to be careful when choosing a provider who claims they can help clean up your online reputation.

A transcript of this podcast is also available on the same page.

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