The Launch of The Divorce School

The Divorce School


I founded as an online learning center for those who are going through and recovering from divorce. All sessions are in video or podcast format which makes it a lot easier to consume and learn.

The Divorce School is free and is open 24/7. The first semester has interviews/sessions with divorce lawyers, financial experts, and divorcees who offer their personal insights. The Divorce School also covers issues related to children, emotions, and recovery.

My goal is to empower women and men to use their divorce as a catalyst to make life-changing transformation. I know if they can make intelligent choices along the journey of their divorce, they and their family will stand a much higher chance of minimizing the emotional and financial burden of their divorce. You can read my personal message here:

I hope you will take advantage of The Divorce School and get started by registering into the school today so you may start listening to our podcasts and watching our videos and let the experts and divorcees help make a difference with your divorce.